A hybrid approach to finding phenotype candidates in genetic text

Tóm tắt A hybrid approach to finding phenotype candidates in genetic text: ... Reviews Genetics, 5(3):213–222. Beisswanger, E., Schulz, S., Stenzhorn, H., and Hanh, U. (2008). BioTop: an upper domain ontology for the life sciences. International Journal of Applied Ontology, 3:205–212. Bikel, D., Miller, S., Schwartz, R., and Wesichedel, R. (1997) Nymble: a high- performa...informatics, 24(24):3112–3118. Bibliography 44 Hsu, C. N., Kuo, C. J., Cai, C., Pendergrass, S., Ritchie, M., and Ambite, J. L. (2011). Learning phenotype mapping for integrating large genetic data. In Pro- ceedings of the ACL-HLT Workshop on Biomedical Natural Language Processing, Oregon, USA,...exes implicated in genetic disorders. Nature Biotechnology, 25:309–316. Leaman, R. and Gonzalez, G. (2008). BANNER: an executable survey of advances in biomedical named entity recognition. In Proceedings of the Pacific Symposium on Biocomputing, Hawai’i, USA, pages 652–663. Lin, Y. F., Tsai, T....

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